We are happy that you have made the decision to allow us the opportunity to protect your creative passion and works of art.  We are the only business of our kind with a personal touch and highly qualified Entertainment Attorney, Kamel King, Esq, behind the brand. 


The Copyright King, LLC is privileged to assist the creative community protect the songs, lyrics, albums, mixtapes, artwork, designs, plays, novels and logos of the upcoming artists to the well established ones.


Far too many artists, songwriters, producers and authors have their art stolen, reproduced and never receive any compensation or recognition for their work.  There are many hit songs that have made millions of dollars and the true creators never get their justice.  But this tragedy is not limited to music. 


Any work of art, whether it be a T-Shirt design to a novel is up for grabs if it is being shared without a U.S. Copyright to demonstrate ownership of the intellectual property.  That is why veteran Entertainment Attorney, Kamel King, Esq., set out to make The Copyright King, LLC a worldwide copyright administrative service to help protect the creative community from thievery at an affordable cost.  


Learn more about our highly professional and reliable services. With over ten years experience and many satisfied customers, we look forward to working with you! Contact us to learn more and to obtain customer references.

"All too many times artists and creators would not seek professional assistance in guarding their rights and would lose heavily.  Mostly because they felt they couldn't afford or didn't need an Entertainment Attorney yet.  This business was the perfect way to separate the intimidating perception of legal representation and allow this non-legal service business to at give creators a quality, professional service to protect their talent assets."

   - Kamel King, Esq.

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