What can be registered?

Any original creative work which has been recorded in some way may be registered through The Copyright King, LLC. This includes textual material such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, reference, scripts, screenplays, etc.; audio material such as music, lyrics, speeches (whether in written or audio form), etc.; visual material such as drawings, paintings, photographs, plans, logos, designs, films, cartoons, etc.; computer material such as websites, computer programs, databases, etc. This list is not exhaustive and in general any creative work which is original, unique, and recorded in some way can be registered through the Copyright King for the purpose of protecting copyright. 


Is The Copyright King, LLC registration service used for published or unpublished works?

The Copyright King copyrighting service is intended primarily for the registration of unpublished works, as there are generally state-specific procedures in place for the registration of published works. You may register published works if you wish, however. 


Can I register an idea for a work?

No. Copyright does not protect ideas, only a business or individual's specific presentation of those ideas. For instance, a songwriter who writes a song about love cannot claim copyright over that subject, and cannot prevent other songwriters from writing songs about love. The songwriter can, however, register the copyright over their own song, and can stop other people from reproducing it. Likewise, if a poet writes a poem they can register their copyright over their poem, but they cannot stop other people from writing other poems about the same subject. It is the poem as a whole that is covered by copyright, not the idea. 


Depending on what your idea is, you may be able to register it as a patent. If this is your concern please contact us directly at The Copyright King for further information.


Can I register a name/title?

 No. Names, titles, and short phrases by themselves are not subject to copyright. However, if they are combined with images and/or graphical design elements then they may be registered through The Copyright King as a logo or graphical design. You may be able to register a name, title, or short phrase as a trademark. If this is your concern please contact us directly at The Copyright King for further information.


Who can register works?

Anyone who has created an original work may register they’re work through The Copyright King. This includes writers, artists, composers, photographers, computer programmers, and anyone else who creates original works. Nationality and place of residence are generally not considerations, as copyright law is governed by international conventions which assure all residents of the subscribed countries certain minimum rights. Any representative of a business may register a work on behalf of the business (though it is generally advisable for a business to have one person managing a single account covering all their registrations). 


What countries are covered?

All countries which have signed the Berne Convention are required to protect the copyright of works created in other Berne Convention countries. This means that if your work is protected by copyright in one Berne Convention nation it is protected in all other Berne Convention nations automatically. Most countries are signed up to the Berne Convention (162 of the approximately 190 countries in the world), but for a full list see below. If your work was created in a Berne Convention nation then registration of your work through The Copyright King, LLC and will help protect your rights throughout the majority of the world.

Some Berne Convention nations may have additional restrictions, rights, and/or requirements which go above and beyond the requirements of the Convention, however these do not affect the basic rights as laid out in the Convention. For specific details relating to individual nation states consult The Copyright King for further information.



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